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Battery Storage and Lithium-ion Technology

By Nikita Saxena & Anagha Saju – 11th Grade Correspondents



Irritated by repeated power cuts? So are we! Watching your favorite program on TV and snap, there goes the power! But believe it or not, India is the fifth largest electricity generator in the world! Moreover, in 2015, we were a power surplus country!  So as you may infer, there is a huge, huge gap between the power generation and the power supply in our country.

We’re sure you’ve heard about the plight of electricians who get hurt while fixing a fault in the power lines?

How can we escape such situations? Through safe and reliable ‘Energy Storage Systems!’ When we talk about ‘Energy Storage Systems’, the first thing that comes to our mind is a battery – and the most familiar one being a lithium-ion battery, the one that powers every mobile phone in the world.

To discuss Energy Storage technologies and especially the lithium-ion battery technology, many eminent experts from related fields attended the First Battery Summit organized by UL in New Delhi on June 27, 2016.

Did you know, that even if you drop your phone once, the chemical kinetics of the lithium ion battery is affected? And did you know that excessively charging your phone might have a negative effect on the battery? Neither did we! But this and other fascinating facts are what we learned by participating as “Youth Reporters” in this summit.

Have you ever wondered why, despite the presence of so many elements, do electronic gadgets have lithium-ion batteries only? The logic is quite obvious! Well, lithium is the lightest and smallest metal! Thus it allows us to get a very high energy density. This is a pro as the higher the energy density, the smaller a battery gets and bingo: You got a gadget you can carry everywhere and anywhere!

Just like me, you and everyone else, a lithium-ion battery is born, trained, lives, gets old and dies. Along the way, just like all of us, it may get a good training and grow up in a good household or may not be so lucky! All these things may affect its lifespan.

Let’s get practical! If you were to drop your phone, it could literally damage the cell. It may not break the display but may shorten the battery life. The same happens when you forget your phone in your car when you go shopping.

So, we infer that lithium-ion can be an incredible way to store energy! An invention has been made and what’s now required is an innovation. And which is the most innovative age group, it’s of course ours! Our educational institutions serve as lighthouses to the youth by spreading the light of knowledge and creativity. It is here that ignited minds innovate and create.

Drawing a quick conclusion, we all know that the notion of energy storage is not an old one. Proper advancement in this field of science is very crucial for global development. But how will such advancements be made? Of course through novel ideas, creations and discoveries from youth like you and me.

So, grab a pen, jot down your thoughts and come up with incredible ideas that may make life better for all of us!

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Signing off:

Nikita Saxena and Anagha Saju