Child Safety in Taiwan

UL Safety Smart teamed up with Taipei Fu-An Child Service Center, an organization supported by Jing Chuan Child Safety Foundation, to improve children and teenagers safety awareness and skills in Tawain. Over 60% of lethal and nonlethal incidents occur at home, and by educating children and teenagers on risks, 80% of the incidents can be avoided. UL is being implemented in the Child Service Center’s afterschool program curriculum; the children watch Safety Smart educational videos, do hands-on experiments, and do fun and engaging question-and-answer activities. The participating children were thrilled and responded enthusiastically to the activities! Lin Yueh-chin, the chief executive officer of the Jing Chuan Child Safety Foundation, said “We are pleased to team up with UL to improve children’s safety knowledge in an interesting way using their international teaching resources, thereby reducing the occurrence of incidents”.