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A Fasten-ating Lesson in Safety!

When it comes to teaching life-saving lessons, there’s really only one skill that matters: storytelling. Kids instinctively love stories, and by the same token they become better learners when they’re asked to tell their own stories. That’s why it’s so effective to assign them the task of making their own PSAs.

Short for public service announcement, a PSA uses a concise messaging or storytelling technique to quickly get an important topic across. It’s often performed and recorded in a friendly, light-hearted, non-judgmental way, even when the subject is serious. Given a safety-oriented topic, such as the importance of fastening your seat belt, young people can be counted on to use their natural creativity for storytelling resulting in impactful PSAs.

Check out our Fasten-ating Lesson in Safety Plan for a viewable/printable educator resource that highlights both the safety science and the personal importance of using seat belts. This information-rich lesson plan is designed to promote solid STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) instruction, particularly in the area of Newton’s Laws of Motion, while also guiding students on how to best communicate seat belt safety. Kids will enjoy the task of building narrative-based scenarios as well as handmade posters that can be placed around schools and in communities.

The possibilities are endless, and the final products will be fasten-ating!