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Take a Bow for Fire Safety

If you’re teaching kids about fire prevention or the best methods of fighting fire, nothing gets a lesson across like a good story heartily performed. So why not inject a healthy dose of drama? This fun-packed educator resource uses basic role-playing techniques with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) concepts to communicate fire safety.

The lesson plan divides students into three-member teams in order to stage fun, classroom-friendly skits. Each child gets to play one of the following characters — Heat, Fuel, or Oxygen—and the teams take turns acting out exciting fire safety scenarios, learning all about the safety science involved. To keep the learning going, teachers are encouraged to post recorded skits in the form of a PSA (public service announcement).

View or print the Alarming Skit Lesson and find suggestions on where to submit the performances your class has created. To be or not to be a famous fire educator—that is the question!