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Safety Smart on the Bus!

Everyone loves the song about the wheels on the bus, but when they actually start going ’round and ’round, young passengers should have a basic level of safety training under their seat belts. With that in mind, you might be looking for ways to improve passenger safety using a concise, effective educator resource for best school bus practices. How about a one-page activity that helps kids become UL Safety Smart about all things big, loud, and yellow?

With fill-in-the-blank word challenges that highlight everything from staying alert on the sidewalk to keeping your backpack out of the aisles once you’re aboard, this printable handout is ideal for individual classroom instruction—as well as free-flowing, high-energy hand-raising sessions. It points out specific no-no’s like throwing things, playing loud music, and arguing with other passengers. It also gives kids plenty of positive advice (hold onto safety rails, wait politely for your turn to board) and ends with an extra-tricky “mystery phrase” challenge.

To get your own easy-to-view and easy-to-print worksheet, go to Get your own, easy-to-view-or-print worksheet!