Safety Smart Program to Start in UAE

UL recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the United Arab Emirates Federal Government to roll out the Safety Smart program in classrooms nationwide. The Safety Smart program seeks to enhance the children’s awareness and understanding of safety, health sustainability, and environmental issues, and the program was endorsed by the nation’s Minister of Education. The Deputy Prime Minister of the UAE said, “Nations progress through the possession of proper education and knowledge…We hope that our students receive high quality education in institutions that are on par with international standards, in order to build our nation and bolster its achievements”, commending UL and other institutions that aspire to develop the educational community within the UAE. UL’s Chief Public Safety Officer was present at the ceremony and added, “We are very pleased to join forces with both the Interior and Education Ministries to take our Safety Smart program to higher levels, including the qualification of teachers to act as the program’s ambassadors. Teachers will play a major role in spreading proper health and safety instructions in all UAE schools through the various curricular activities.” The signing ceremony took place after many months of work led by the Lead UL Safety Smart Ambassador in the Middle East. Beyond UL’s knowledge and experience in standards, codes, conformity assessment, research and safety science, UL is now a leader in providing safety science education to communities around the world. This MOU is the first of its kind which provides a governmental mandate that every child within the UAE will receive UL’s Safety Smart program as part of their required school curriculum.