Steve Margis shares his thoughts on being a Safety Smart Ambassador

Having served as a Safety Smart Ambassador in a number of events now, it is very interesting to see the different perspectives that the kids have through the varying stages of the 'I am Safety Smart!' program.

In the introductory Safety Smart series with Timon & Pumbaa, (K - 3rd grade) the children's minds are opened to the idea of safety and how the actions they, and their family, take every day relate to creating a safe environment. With the middle school kids, (4th - 8th grade) they are engaged in an environment of safety experiments and thoroughly enjoy being hands on and inquisitive about techniques that can be implemented to further ensure a safe environment. They truly become Safety Smart Ambassadors in their own right.

I encourage others to take the time to take part in the rewarding experience of being a Safety Smart Ambassador. While many children are exposed to fire safety and public safety from our Fire and Police Departments, the 'I am Safety Smart!' program provides a truly unique exposure to the world of safety for our children. Please join myself and the rest of UL's Safety Smart Ambassador team in sharing this key message.