Safety Smart lessons continue in Korea

In Korea, Gyeseong Elementary School had conducted the program for 3 years since the last half of the year 2009. "Safety Smart is a good opportunity to get safety educations" said Jae-sun Lee, the teacher who is in charge of the overall school life. "1st and 2nd grade students who were educated last year had each gone a grade higher and this year the education had expanded to 3rd graders. Also, since the safety education is subdivided in to grade levels as well as the program is repeatedly operated, the education actually continues to real life" Lee added.

Students in 1st grade watched Timon and Pumbaa Safety Smart At Home! animation discovering the importance of always being on the lookout for safety problems and learning the correct way to use electrical devices. Followed up with interactive safety activities the children showed how to be Safety Smart! Safety Ambassador Ms. Yang joined as the dual instructor for the Q and A session.

2nd and 3rd grade students watched Timon and Pumbaa Safety Smart In The Water! animation learning about important 'water safety' lessons to be followed at beaches and swimming pools. Examples included being aware where the lifeguards are, rules for playing in water after a meal, wearing protective water devices, and others. The children easily answered detailed questions from the Safety Ambassador when called upon. "The quiz time was so much fun. I used to get in the pool after I was full after a meal and had neglected warming up exercises. But, now I'm definitely going to follow the safety rules" said Su-yun Choi (3rd grade).

In conclusion of each event, all students were presented with a Certificate of completion.

UL Safety Smart Ambassador Steve Margis said "Korean students are very active and enthusiastic. I hope the children could make a clean and safe world through this education."