Safety Smart children Go Green!

UL Safety Smart Ambassadors Shirley Shao and Yani Chang visited Shanghai Pinghe Bi-Lingual School and taught two sessions of Wild About Safety Timon and Pumbaa Safety Smart Goes Green! in G1 international stream. The teachers appreciated very much this excellent opportunity allocating two official science class times for us to share the safety lessons with the forty five students.

Shirley shared her experience. 'The video was so well designed that the kids immediately got the messages after watching it. The games easily got the kids to be engaged and made them think, share and learn via playing. The most unforgettable moment came when I asked the kids to hold their pals' hands and tell him/her one thing they will do in the future to help make the environment clean. They were so pure-hearted when they held each other's hands and looked at each other's eyes, telling 'I will use a fabric bag not plastic bag when I go shopping? I will donate my books to little kids? I will tell my dad no littering...' they are the seeds and they will spread the GREEN! It is such a great topic and lively way to teach kids how to reduce, reuse, recycle, compost and no littering to make a clean environment to live.'