Safety Smart outreach SW Wisconsin

UL Safety Smart Ambassador Tyler Gitter teamed up with the SWWBIA (South Western WI Building Inspectors Association) to share fire safety messages at a local Home Depot. Through a joint venture, the SWWBIA and SWWEIA (South Western WI Electrical Inspectors Association) have put together a complete building wall that was set up in the parking lot. It was amazing and definitely an eye catcher.

Parents and kids came over and I would show them how to use a fire extinguisher as if the building wall was on fire. There was a dad that came with his 3 young boys and they all raced against each other switching out the batteries in the CO detector and smoke alarms. A volunteer fireman with his son came over and after words mentioned he really appreciated the fire escape plan handouts and showing the kids how to use a fire extinguisher. Kid's loved the safety smart® awareness wrist bands.

I had a wonderful time, I couldn't have imagined the smiles on some of the kids at the thought of getting to hold and squeeze a fire extinguisher.