School Family Media And UL

UL and School Family Media joined forces in 2012 to sponsor Family Science Nights at schools across the country. Organized by school parent groups in K-8 schools, the events are designed to bring kids, parents and teachers together for an educational and fun night that sparks an interest in science among students. UL and School Family Media collaborate to develop Safety Smart® experiments and hands-on activities for adults and kids to work together to conduct experiments, track results and inspire conversations! Family Science Nights give kids the chance to explore and experiment in a safe, monitored environment. Since UL’s involvement in 2012, Family Science Nights have inspired tens of thousands of budding scientists, and have become one of the most popular family activities in School Family Media’s slate of “Family Night” events.

Schools love it because it brings a sense of fun and wonder to the subject. “[The activities allow kids] to problem solve when something doesn’t work, and look at things from a different angle. They have a better concept of why things react the way they do and they ask questions.” (Chamberlain School, Goshen, IN)

Parents love it because they participate in the curriculum and see the excitement in their kids. “Our science night was so successful in opening up our students’ minds to how exciting science is. The kids are still talking about it months later and asking when they can have another. They just need to be exposed to what they’ve been missing.” (Eugene Elementary, Ottawa, KS)

Since UL’s involvement in 2012, the vast majority of schools that host a Family Science Night are planning to run another in the future….proof that science can be safe, smart and stimulating!