Cruz Roja Mexicana And UL

Mexico has the world´s second highest obesity rate with Mexico´s young occupying first place. One in four children in Mexico is overweight, which has led to a sharp increase in type 2 diabetes which is now the first cause of death for the total population. Cruz Roja is one of only 2 organizations in Mexico authorized to collect injury and death statistics. Cruz Roja has 518 delegations in Mexico covering all 32 states, leading 230 youth groups which are central in delivering content and have over 6000 volunteers.

In 2012 UL and Cruz Roja’s National Youth Program team began an initiative to promote healthy, safe and sustainable lifestyle for Mexico´s more than 31 million children. UL and Cruz Roja signed a Memorandum of Understanding February 2012 agreeing to bring Safety Smart® messages to all of Mexico’s children via one-on-one Safety Smart Ambassador training for Cruz Roja’s Youth Group Leaders.

The first joint training session “Train-the-Trainer for Safety Smart®: Healthy & Fit” was conducted for 120 Cruz Roja Youth Group Leaders at the 45th Red Cross Convention in Mexico February 2012. Within 2 months as Safety Smart Ambassadors, Youth Group Leaders delivered Wild About Safety: Safety Smart, Healthy & Fit! presentations to over 12,000 children.

Train-the-Trainer joint training sessions continued in July at the Red Cross National Summer Camp gathering with the titles, Wild About Safety®: Safety Smart® About Fire, and Safety Smart Science®: Germs & Your Health, adding an additional 220 Cruz Roja Youth Group Leaders.

By December 2012 over 25,150 of Mexico’s children received Safety Smart presentations from the 250 Cruz Roja Safety Smart Ambassadors/Youth Group Leaders.

The partnership between UL and the Cruz Roja Mexicana continued with a February 2013 joint training session at the 46th Red Cross Convention. UL employees from Business Development, Conformity Assessment, and Human Resources along with Cruz Roja Youth Group Leaders delivered Safety Smart training on existing titles and adding a new title: Wild About Safety®: Safety Smart® Online. More than 600 Safety Smart Ambassadors/Youth Group Leaders have now been trained. By the end of 2013 Cruz Roja Youth Group Leaders confirmed that 28 of the 31 states in Mexico had delivered Safety Smart presentations to over 47,950 children.

During 2013 the Safety Smart program was used in a variety of Cruz Roja Mexicana initiatives including the Federal Government’s Cruzada Nacional Contra el Hambre (National Crusade for Hunger) in support of the Social Development Secretary’s efforts to eliminate poverty in Mexico.

The 47th Annual National Convention kicked off 2014 for the UL/Cruz Roja Mexicana partnership with the event being held in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Two hundred Youth Group Leaders came from all over Mexico to be trained on the newest title Wild About Safety®: Safety Smart® Honest & Real. The response from the Cruz Roja Youth Group Leaders was enthusiastic, as they understand the importance of personal behavior/character traits contributing to the safety and health of a community. The Youth Group Leaders were excited to share these behaviors with Mexico’s younger students so they will be able to improve their lives and the lives of other people and help make the entire world a better place.