The National Consumers League And UL

The National Consumers League (NCL) is America's oldest consumer organization, representing consumers and workers on marketplace and workplace issues since their founding in 1899. LifeSmarts was established in 1994 and is a program of the NCL. LifeSmarts, the ultimate consumer challenge, is an educational opportunity for students in 6th-12th grade. This competition prepares students to enter the real world as smart adult consumers. Participants focus on five key topic areas: consumer rights and responsibilities, the environment, health and safety, personal finance, and technology. UL has supported the NCL and LifeSmarts for over a decade through financial, in-kind donations and during competitions serving as judges and question masters. Because both of organizations encourage and empower children and young adults to practice safe, healthy and environmentally responsible behavior, and we both strive to equip young people with relevant, real-world knowledge we decided to combine our efforts on a joint educational project. Utilizing the outstanding LifeSmarts program format we built a service learning component that incorporates UL's Safety Smart® materials. Read on to learn more about how LifeSmarts students are sharing Safety Smart messages with younger children in their own communities.